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Pakistan prices strong buyer "patronize" Australia

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It is understood that since the 2016/17 year India cotton exports remain weak, Pakistan, Chinese, Bangladesh, Vietnam and other major buyers of "quality is not excellent, the price is not cheap" India cotton price and signing the downturn, while the U.S. cotton, cotton and cotton in West Africa Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, etc.) and even the 2017 harvest of Australian cotton Brazil, cotton exports are "hot", according to statistics, as of mid March, the Central Asian cotton producing countries for export of cotton very few, Turkmenistan surplus resources less than 10 thousand tons, while India, Pakistan domestic cotton consumption, sluggish delay and more obvious signs of greater risk.
As a result of India rupee against the dollar (18 months since a new high), resulting in dollar denominated S-6, J34, MCU5 etc. the export price rose again, not only the India cotton ginning factory factory price again exceeded 84 cents / pound, exporters and international cotton S-6 CNF price is higher than that of EMOTSM15/ 32 0.50-1 cents / cotton pounds, continued upside down so that the international market share of India cotton sharply, and high quality, no three wire machine picked cotton, Australian cotton is beautiful "by leaps and bounds";
On the other hand, India, Pakistan, the use of domestic cotton mills purchase ratio declined continuously, while imports of U.S. cotton and non state cotton but a get out of hand "; industry analysis, India domestic cotton prices more beautiful cotton have no advantage or no obvious advantage is one of the reasons, another major factor is the high count yarn, cotton mill carded yarn, combed yarn and expanding the proportion of exports rose, while Pakistan cotton usually exists horse value, breaking strength is insufficient and impurities, exceed the standard problem of different fiber cotton spinning, difficult to achieve 50S and above high count yarn, cotton only by U.S. imports of cotton, cotton, Australian cotton Ukraine to improve yarn quality, improve the competitiveness of products.
According to some international cotton traders to reflect, since late February inquiry, contract 5/6/7 month schedule of cotton in China, Southeast Asia buyers show rapid growth momentum:
First, 6/9 BEUT trader July shipment (EQSM) 17/32, BEUT (EQSM) 13/16, BEUT (EQSM) 15/32 quote was 94.25 cents / pound, 93.25 cents / pound, 92.25 cents / pound (Australia cotton ginning factory, exporter's price slightly lower 0.30-0.50 cents / lb), just above the C/ AGC21-2/3-39/40 offer 2-3 cents / pound, the price and quality of the strong competitiveness;
Second, by the end of February, 2016/17 U.S. cotton exports contracted has completed USDA forecast of 93%, a certain amount of resources into the hands of American cotton brokers, the risk of ICE, wide oscillation cotton spot increase, in order to advance to lock the high grade high quality cotton supply, ensure that the 6-9 month supply, maintenance orders and production smoothly mills, Southeast Asia and Chinese, Bangladesh and other countries are using ON-CALL model order Australia cotton; third, although the United States Department of agriculture forecast in March, 2016/17 annual Australian cotton production of 4 million 500 thousand bales (980 thousand tons), an increase of 1 million 650 thousand packets (360 thousand tons), an increase of 58%, but by the dry field in the low proportion of increase and the rainfall is plentiful, down to 2016/17, the annual yield of Australian cotton quality decline, export volume was significantly lower than expected concern; fourth, some developed countries order clear requirements O cotton or cotton C/A cotton, China and some Southeast Asian mills to Australia cotton quality, consistency, three wire content is recognized, taking into account the 2017 cotton reserves color level, the breaking strength of the more obvious decline, and Xinjiang, cotton sales to 6/10 month, "a spent force", Australian cotton Brazil cotton has become the focus of inquiry, panic buying.
According to customs statistics, in February China's cotton imports 137 thousand and 800 tons, an increase of 146%, of which the United States cotton, India cotton ranked in the top two. Industry analysis of cotton imports rose sharply reasonable". In 2016 the number 1% tariff cotton import quotas, the first extension of the relatively large, there are some factors of textile factory, import enterprises "digest" (since February; second, void or revoked) 2016/17 annual Xinjiang highway by rising freight, rail capacity tight effect, inventory decline compared with the previous year, and this year cotton estate grade and quality is "suck", the mainland textile factory timely procurement of imported cotton, port spot spot to solve "as pressing danger"; sharply pull up third, compared to the price of cotton after the domestic high-quality cotton, is relatively stable, in early March 2129 Xinjiang mainland library and Port Bonded C/AGC21-3-37/38 price quotation price difference reached 1000 yuan / ton (excluding cotton transfer fees), cotton comprehensive advantage appeared; fourth, 2016 February the Spring Festival factors.

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