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2017/2018 annual Australian cotton exports will increase mor

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For cotton income, foreign demand, adequate water resources, in recent years, Australian cotton production continues to expand. According to the latest report of the American agricultural counselor released 2017/18, the annual Australian cotton harvested area is expected to increase to 8 million 850 thousand acres, higher than this year's 8 million 355 thousand acres of cotton production is expected to reach 1 million 88 thousand tons, higher than the 1 million tonnes this year.
Due to the increase in production, is expected to 2017/18 Australian cotton exports will reach 1 million 45 thousand tons, higher than the current year of 914 thousand tons. China will continue to be the largest buyer of Australian cotton, but with the continued consumption of cotton reserves, China's import demand has decreased. Other major buyers include India, Vietnam and Indonesia. The rapid growth of the market in India, India accounted for 25% of Australian cotton exports this year, while only a few years ago 2-3%.
Australian cotton sowing from September to mid November, harvest period from March to June. This year the Australian Dryland Field area to expand, Australia two months of 2017 the sustained high temperatures and little rain, may affect the cotton yield and total production in these areas, but continued heavy rains in March this year, or help to reduce yield loss. Australian Meteorological Bureau predicted that 3-5 month rainfall in Australia will be lower than normal.

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