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2017 Egyptian government introduced a number of measures to

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According to the U.S. Department of agriculture report, in the past two years, in order to restore the purity of Egyptian cotton seed, to ensure the quality of Egyptian cotton, the Egyptian government strictly control the production and sale of cotton throughout the link. For the virtuous cycle of the cotton industry in Egypt, the Egyptian government announced a new policy in early 2017, including 19, plans to start from 2017 cotton planting. Specifically include:
1, encourage the signing of contract production, to solve the bottleneck problem
2, the government to provide high-quality seeds to improve cotton yield and quality
3, the study of each region to adapt to the cultivation of Cotton Varieties
4, training for farmers
5, the development of the local textile industry
6, strict control of cotton seeds in various regions, to prevent seed mixing
7, agricultural experimental field
8, in the beginning of a planting section with the relevant departments to set a guide price, farmers in accordance with the number of local industrial demand and the amount of transactions for planting
9, unfair trade regulation and combat
10, the annual economic research, the needs of the region and Industry Research
11, encourage the use of domestic textile industry to reduce imports of Egyptian cotton.
12, the development of new varieties to improve production
13, strengthen the influence of Egyptian cotton in the international market
14, limiting the increase in cottonseed plantations
15, provide solutions to farmers facing a shortage of seeds, especially the shortage of cotton seed
16, farmers will be free to deal with the seeds of punishment
17, stop all agricultural seed services with MALR
18, CASP establish seed distribution and collection center, determine the sale price
19, CASP is the only agency responsible for the inspection and certification of seed production

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