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Why did not appear high grade cotton gap?

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 As of April 14th 3806 Zhang Zheng cotton warehouse (-23 Zhang), folding 152 thousand and 240 tons of lint number, the effective amount of warehouse receipts 3224 (+139 sheet), folding 128 thousand and 960 tons of lint number, large warehouse warehouse to single market confidence, to suppress the very prominent role; it is worth noting that the warehouse + effective prediction again presents growth trend, textile companies and middlemen refused to pick warehouse that the current domestic cotton market supply is still relatively abundant, CF1705 contracts 15000 yuan / ton or more disk prices are still high, otherwise the cotton enterprises could not face more than 90% resources for Xinjiang Zheng cotton warehouse and equivalent gross price 15400-15600 yuan / ton price and completely indifferent. The certainty of 2016/17 annual domestic cotton supply overall oversupply, but the structural contradiction "situation has not appeared. The author briefly summarized as follows:In 2017, cotton reserves round out the Xinjiang resource grade, quality reach or even slightly higher than standard cotton textile enterprises, cotton and cotton reserves 2016/17 annual competition "runway" phenomenon is prominent. Since the March 6th cotton reserves round out the sales start, the daily turnover rate, the average transaction price was listed with resources in Xinjiang accounted for the fluctuations (Xinjiang accounted for the high turnover rate, turnover rose), focusing on participation in the auction that cotton reserves dealers increase attention, especially the Reserve Corps is Xinjiang. Cotton "three wire" content is low, high quality, good consistency, high spinnability (except color level), popular spinning yarn spinning enterprises of all ages; and the relevant departments, the adjustment in the listing of Xinjiang cotton resources in a timely manner. Henan, Hubei, Hebei some mills, said that this year's cotton reserves quality, consistency and the high efficiency greatly exceeded expectations, Xinjiang reserves slightly ahead in the new cotton and 2016/17 annual competition;

Two, although the 2-4 month yarn, fabric sales pick up, but the lack of sustainable, long-term orders, high count yarn yarn, combed yarn consumption rebounded less than expected. From the survey, after the Spring Festival, I export clothing, fabric, fabric in order to usher in a return; and because of India and the international cotton prices high, India, Vietnam, Indonesia and other places, the price of cotton yarn OE yarn C21-C40S yarn with domestic upside down rate reached 1000-1500 yuan / ton, reserve cotton round out after cotton mills the cost fell 500-800 yuan / ton, so small and medium-sized mills, weaving factory, power production situation is excellent; but C40S-80S and JC40S-JC100S carded cotton yarn orders, production and marketing situation is far less than the low yarn bright, some manufacturers even used to describe short, flat flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, fast, is foreign trade company to send a single feature. Recently, Shandong, Henan and other places of large and medium-sized textile enterprises cotton prices generally down 200-300 yuan / ton, individual manufacturers of high count combed yarn down 400-500 yuan / ton;
Three, imported cotton began to force, the short term on the domestic high quality cotton supplementary role prominent. According to customs statistics, in 2017 of February, China's cotton imports 138 thousand and 100 tons, an increase of 20.2%, an increase of 145.7% in the first three months of 2017, a total of imports of 253 thousand and 500 tons, an increase of 66.7%. From a number of foreign enterprises, import companies estimate, in March China's cotton imports is still relatively high, is expected to remain above 130 thousand tons. According to USDA statistics, China's buyers are not only the number of 2016/17 years of the United States and the United States signed a substantial increase in the number of imports compared to 2015/16, the 2017/18 cotton procurement also rose. It is understood that the December 2016 -2017 year in February in our country enterprise procurement mainly adopts ON-CALL price model, with the May contract fell to ICE recently 73.35 cents / pound, the price set a large number of transactions, it is expected that 4/5 month of shipment, the number of American cotton arrivals delivery is still very large; in addition, China enterprises of 5/6/7 July shipment of Australia cotton is also very concerned about the signing, show a gradual warming. (nonsense)

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