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Australia cancels 457 visas to increase employment opportuni

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  Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull speaks at a press conference in Sydney on January 13th. (Xinhua news agency, Zhu Hongye photo)
Turnbull said the same day, the move is intended to give priority to the government to ensure that the work of the Australian people, in the issuance of work visas to foreigners pay attention to make up for the shortage of their real skills needs.Turnbull said that the current 457 visa has lost credibility, because many employers give priority to the introduction of skilled migrants, rather than maximizing employment opportunities for the domestic population.
Turnbull said that the new work visa will be divided into two - year short - term visa and four - year visa, the new visa will reduce the application of jobs, and improve the ability of foreign language requirements.Australian immigration and Border Protection Minister Peter Dalton said the government will implement the new visa policy as soon as possible to rectify the current chaotic situation in the Australian Labor market.457 visa is the Australian government to introduce a variety of professional or technical personnel to set up a temporary work visa, including managers, professionals, technicians and other more than and 400 types of work. Visa valid for a period of 3 months to 4 years, employees working in Australia for more than 2 years, can apply to the employer to guarantee immigrants.
According to statistics, as of September 30, 2016, there are more than 95 thousand and 700 people in Australia has a visa of more than 457, more than 76 thousand and 400 people hold a visa of two, that is, the family members of the 457 visa holders.

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