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In March 2017, China's textile and garment export data acros

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According to China's General Administration of customs statistics show that in March 2017, China's textile and apparel exports amounted to $20 billion 17 million, an increase of 82.35%, an increase of 18.78%. Among them, textiles (including textile yarn, fabrics and products) exports of $9 billion 98 million, an increase of 14.83%; clothing (including clothing and accessories) exports of $10 billion 919 million, an increase of 22.29%.
2017 1-3 months, China's total textile and apparel exports to 54 billion 898 million US dollars, down 3.07%, of which total textile exports amounted to $23 billion 269 million, an increase of 1.22%; total clothing exports to 31 billion 630 million US dollars, down 0.1%.

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