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 Mr. Zhang Yiwei, chairman and President of the group
EMBA master of Tsinghua University, with more than twenty years of experience in the operation and management of cotton textile industry. Founded in 2005, Jiatai Textile Co. Ltd. was founded in 2010, Haitong cotton industry. Through the introduction of advanced production technology and process of cotton yarn, cotton growing integration of local resources, labor resources, build a successful cotton production base, the local original "cotton seed industry + sales" model to "processing and production of cotton seed cotton purchase + + product sales" model of industrial added value of local resources and improve products, and promote local economic development.
After 10 years of operation and development, our textile has become the leading enterprises in Shangqiu City, Henan Province star enterprise, product quality and domestic cotton spinning enterprises listed in line. Is currently planning the construction of the fabric production base will be put into operation in 2018, the existing production capacity of enterprises will further enhance the production, will further enrich the product system, the business model will be further extended to the upstream and downstream industries.
Mr. Zhang Yiwei in the management of law-abiding, made a good contribution to the local tax, while keen to participate in local charities, highly praised by the government and society. Mr Zhang Yiwei has received the following honorary qualifications:
The thirteenth and the Fourteenth National People's Congress of Yucheng
2009 Yucheng labor medal"
2010 ten outstanding young people in Yucheng county"
2010 Yucheng top ten Township entrepreneurs"
2012 outstanding deputies"
2013 Central Plains Economic Forum advanced individuals"
2013, the ten Shangqiu charity entrepreneur of the second"
2017 Shangqiu Municipal People's Congress


Zhang Fuchen, vice president of the group
2017 Shangqiu representative
Since the beginning of 1993 in the cotton industry has served as senior technicians and technical director in Jiangsu, Xinjiang and other well-known enterprises, involved in the creation of multiple cotton processing enterprises of cotton production, acquisition, processing, management and storage have rich management experience. It has unique insights and methodology on information collection and analysis, product promotion and industry research. Regular organization of the local cotton industry leading enterprises to carry out vocational training, experience exchange, commodity display, etc..
Due to outstanding performance, many times by the government's award, the company has been named as the leading enterprises and awarded the outstanding enterprise award and outstanding individual award.

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