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China Haitong Co., Ltd is one of the 50 key supporting enterprises in Henan Province, which is a large textile backbone enterprise, which is based on planting, deep processing of cotton and import and export of goods. Founded in September 2005, chairman Zhang Yiwei, registered capital of 20 million yuan, Chairman: Zhang Yiwei. 
Henan province Haitong Cotton Industry Co. Ltd. and Henan Lister Cotton Industry Co. ltd..More than and 10 years, the company relies on advanced management concepts, flexible mechanisms, first-class equipment, first-class management, first-class products, step by step, a year a step, has made considerable progress. Industrial cost profit margin, the contribution rate of total assets, the rate of output of new products in the forefront of the national cotton textile industry.

In the future development, our company will continue to market demand, to the high-tech project implementation way, accelerate the technological transformation and technological innovation, improve product quality, accelerate the high-end product development and production of various types of play; the advantages of management, increase the domestic marketing efforts to expand their enterprises, consolidate and enhance the already formed the advantages of the industry; make full use of the right to import and export, the flexibility to carry out import and export business, improve economic efficiency; people-oriented, accelerate institutional innovation, establish modern enterprise operation mechanism of clear responsibilities, scientific management, incentive and restraint of unity; actively explore new ways of capital operation, further strengthen the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

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